Folding Services

Whether you're selling your shirts directly to customers online, or if you're handing them out at trade shows and conferences, folding and poly bagging will be will set you apart from your competitors and greatly benefit you by also saving on damaged, stained returns..

Poly Bagging

Project professionalism and refinement while keeping your garments clean & protected during storage or transit with Retail Ready packaging. Your customers will experience a high  level of appreciation when they receive their garments folded and neatly wrapped by delivering your apparel in either a custom package or a plain polymaler.

YourLogoPrint Company will professionally hand fold and/or poly bag your garments before shipping them out.  We can also Blind Ship in  the USA & Intl. Hang Tag & Bar Code (If the materials needed are provided) and Drop Shipping To Multiple Locations.

Sticker Labels 

Add a Sticker to Make it Easy for Your Staff and Customers

Clothing size stickers take the guess work out of your apparel packaging and distribution. 

For specs and guidelines please email us. We require a minimum of 250 pieces for woven labels. We create the labels and sew them to the garment. Our order minimum is 250 tags, although you don’t have to sew each one on the same order. We can keep your tags on hand for future orders and sew them as needed.