Screen Printing



Also known as silkscreen printing or simply silk screening. This process uses, plastisol-based inks pressed through a screen onto a garment.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for handling high-volume orders. It is the most efficient and economical method. Hundreds or even thousands of t-shirts can be printed quickly. 


DTG involves laying ink directly on a garment without using screens. It is perfect for small runs and samples.
DTG Print Hoodie

With the DTG process, the design is actually embedded in the fabric. This creates the impression that the design is part of the garment. One thing to note, DTG tends to fades in wash more easily and does not print well on dark garments.


sublimation printer

Sublimation printing, is also called dye sublimation.  Sublimation is very effective for creating permanent designs that don’t easily fade.      

 Sublimation printing is done with a special printer that prints out sublimation paper that transfers onto the fabric or other surface. 

Works best on synthetic fabrics such as 100% polyester. It isn’t suitable for cotton or other natural fabrics. Also be aware this process will not fully print in all creases, leaving white blank area on side seams and arm pit area of shirts