Prepared for Dye (PFD) & Garment Dye Disclaimer SPEC TOLERANCE The tolerance for all PFD and Garment Dyed styles is equal to the grade on the style. For example, a plus (+) or minus (-) one inch for the high-point-shoulder (HPS) and chest are acceptable industry standards. TORQUE The acceptable torque is one inch on sizes up to XL, 2XL is 1 ¼” and 3XL is 1 ½”. In addition, up to 10% of a dye lot will exceed said tolerances by an additional ¼”. RETURNS AND DAMAGES PFD Apparels does not accept returns once garments have been embellished (screen printed, embroidered, etc.) PFD Apparels will not be responsible for damages caused from heavy finishing processes (vintage wash, destruction wash, excessive enzyme, etc.) Heavy processes are all processes other than the processes listed below. • Direct garment Dye Pigment garment dye • Reactive garment dye Neon garment dye PFD Apparels will accept returns for full credit after the acceptable industry damage allowance of 5.0% and or a maximum of 1,000 pieces if the garments are garment dyed. If they are not dyed and the product is damaged, we will accept a return on all of the un-dyed pieces in addition to 1,000 of the dyed pieces; and if the original care label is attached to the garment. The credit will be the cost of the garment and the customer’s cost for garment dyeing on the garment dye processes listed below for quality issues like: shading, needle lines, and busted seams. NOTICE: PFD Apparels highly suggests that our customers test 10% of the garments that are shipped before garment dyeing the entire bulk of the order should there be any quality issues, they will be found during this sample test. • Direct garment Dye Pigment garment dye • Reactive garment dye Neon garment dye SHADING TOLERANCE With the unique process of garment dyeing, PFD Apparels will require a shading variance as follows on all of its garment dye full package programs. • Direct and Reactive Dye: A plus (+) or minus (-) 5% shade variance within a production order • Pigment and Neon Dye: A plus (+) or minus (-) 10% shade variance within a production order. In addition production will be 10% lighter than production. • Treatments: A plus (+) or minus (-) 10% shade variance within a production order. In addition, because most of the treatments are done by hand, one piece at a time, each shirt will have its own unique finish and no one will be an identical match to another. BLEEDING TOLERANCE It is recommended that you test our garment dye processes for bleeding. Because of the unique process of garment dyeing, the color will bleed (discolor) in the first wash. Neon garment dyed shirts have the highest tendency to bleeding. In addition, PFD Apparels recommends that a sticker be applied on the front of the care dye style advising the consumer that it should not be washed with other garments and in cold water. (Please remove tear away label if applicable before garment dye, attached to the neck seam.) GARMENT DYE As per industry standards, there is a 1% damage allowance for garment dyed orders; anything surpassing 1% will be issued a return authorization and given full credit from PFD Apparels. All styles being returned must have the original care label in the wearers side seam with the cut number and other pertinent information visible. Our policies on Spec Tolerance, Torque, Returns and Damages, and Shading Tolerance apply as well.